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Egyptian cotton

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Egyptian cotton

How does the word Egyptian cotton sound to you? The word cotton itself is very simple and common, but when I heard about Egyptian cotton it sounded very tempting, somehow luxurious and high quality. Having heard about Egyptian cotton, I decided to do a little research on what it is all about, and which products can be obtained from it, and whether they are truly as special as the words themselves. In the phase of research and finding products that are made from Egyptian cotton, I sat with a colleague for coffee and mentioned to her the products that are made from Egyptian cotton. As she is in the process of renovating the house, the first thing she said was to imagine how ideal it would be if most of the fabrics my skin came into contact with were Egyptian cotton, sounds so luxurious, doesn't it?

What is the difference between Egyptian and other types of commercial cotton that makes Egyptian cotton special?

It should be emphasized that Egyptian cotton is harvested exclusively by hand, with less damage to the cotton fibers that will later make up our clothes, bedding, towels and other numerous textile products. Also, Egyptian cotton is made of extremely long cotton fibers, which make it very resistant, enable better absorption, and in contact with our skin give a very special feeling of softness. It is these longer and finer fibers that make Egyptian cotton a softer and more flexible fabric, which leads to the conclusion that they should provide our skin with a special feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Is this really so, I asked myself and decided to check. Since sleep is extremely important to me, and I try to ensure a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day, I decided to get bedding made of Egyptian cotton. There are many products on the market, and I was looking for one made of 100% Egyptian cotton. And the day came, the Egyptian cotton sheets were delivered to my doorstep. After I opened the package and came into contact with the Egyptian cotton for the first time, I really felt something special, it is truly soft in a different way and at that moment I knew that it would give me a peaceful and special sleep. The bedding was washed immediately, because it must be tried on as soon as possible. The bed was ready and I snuggled into it, looking for peaceful and beautiful dreams. It's really wonderful to sleep when your skin is in contact with Egyptian cotton, so it's not a myth, it has some charm and deserves to occupy a special place in the market among other types of cotton. Emphasis should also be placed on the greater porosity of Egyptian cotton, so bed sheets made of Egyptian cotton do not suffocate your skin and make sleep easier and calmer. Therefore, Egyptian cotton bedding is recommended for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

In addition to the fact that fabrics made from Egyptian cotton are softer and finer, they also last longer than any other type of cotton, so I think it is worth investing a little more money in these products, because they will pay off over time. People, as people, get attached to things and if we have Egyptian cotton products, we won't have to part with them so quickly. Egyptian cotton is also known for its high level of cleanliness and better absorption of liquid, which means that the colors will bind better and therefore the fabrics will look fresh, preserved and new for many years as if they were just bought.

Types of cotton fabrics

Let's put Egyptian cotton aside and explain the types of cotton tannins, namely percale and satin. Although both are obtained from cotton fibers, they differ in the way they are woven. By weaving cotton fibers to make percale cotton, a fabric is obtained that is dense and very durable, while satin cotton is shiny and smooth. However, it should be taken into account that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both percale and satin, if they are made of Egyptian cotton, are very durable materials and retain their color for a long time, but percale is the leader in terms of strength. It can withstand a greater number of washes, so it will last longer. Percale cotton made from Egyptian cotton fibers is also soft, so you don't need to be afraid of the roughness of the fabric that comes into contact with our skin. If we want a product that is more aesthetically appealing and pleasing to our eyes, and also softer to our skin, we should definitely opt for satin cotton, because its surface is extremely shiny and smooth.

It is not easy to choose the right piece of fabric, be it bed linen, towels or clothes. Today, the market is littered with numerous synthetic fabrics, which are more affordable, but the question is whether they are truly profitable and "healthy" for our skin. By buying products made of Egyptian cotton, we are guaranteed longevity, so I think it is much more profitable in the long run to buy a more expensive product, than to reach for cheaper products, which are subject to more frequent changes. In addition, products made of 100% Egyptian cotton are, in layman's terms, "healthier" for our skin, they do not contain artificial materials and additives, which could cause, for example, allergic reactions. Therefore, for quality sleep, Egyptian cotton bedding is definitely recommended, and for delicate, preserved and non-irritated skin, shoes and clothes made of Egyptian cotton. Depending on what we enjoy more, we can choose percale or Egyptian cotton satin, but the choice is really large and varied.

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