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Why wool mattress toppers ?

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Why wool mattress toppers ?

Sleep is something we should all invest in, since we spend most of our lives sleeping. During our lifetime, we spend 26 years sleeping. That said, it's surprising that we spend 7 years trying to fall asleep. That's a total of 33 years. Imagine 33 years or 12045 days in bed.

Quality sleep contributes to our mental health, improves physical abilities, immunity, regulates body weight and fertility. On average, we spend at least 7 to 9 hours a day in bed.

Why invest in a quality mattress topper?

A mattress topper is something you don't buy every once in a while. On average, it changes every 8 to 9 years, and some even after a long period.

Taking all the facts mentioned above, we should not ask ourselves: "Will we invest in a good mattress topper?", but rather: "Which mattress topper will we buy?".

Which mattress topper to choose!?

There are an infinite number of mattresses on the market. All the great information and benefits that are offered to us end up confusing us so much that we actually don't even know what would be a good mattress topper for us.

Personally, when I buy something, I always ask myself: "How did it come about? Where did it grow? What was it treated with? How will it improve my quality of life and, in the end, why should I spend money on something like that?". Whether it was a small amount of money or a larger amount, the questions are always the same.

We live in a time where we are bombarded with a healthy lifestyle, natural products for hair, skin, healthy diet, super food, and have you ever heard of super fibers? And I'm not! Until I met wool. And started looking for information on the topic, why wool?!

That's why I want to introduce you to wool and reveal to you some great facts that I believe no one has even heard of. I believe that we all know that wool is good, especially for wearing old knitted caps, and that it warms well.

Wool is actually the most undemanding super fiber of all existing ones on the market, the planet, the universe!!

Wool regulates body heat to perfection. If you sweat while sleeping, wool is ideal for you. It absorbs as much moisture as it needs and the excess passes through to the other side. So that you get a pleasant micro-climate between your bedspread and the bedspread. The moisture that passes through the wool will not wet the fibers, so we don't have the feeling of humidity like with, for example, cotton or synthetics (which is really, in general, absurd to compare any fabric with its majesty - wool).

Wool is anti-allergic, does not allow the development of fungi, nor does it allow the development of mites.

Wool is ideal for couples where one is hot and the other is cold. It adapts to each person individually, and creates the perfect environment for quality, constant and undisturbed sleep.

Wool is the perfect and indispensable material in our home, because ultimately we all want a pleasant and peaceful sleep.

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